Expected delivery date: End of September 2020

Apartment availability by number of rooms

The Róth Residence offers a choice of different types and sizes of apartments. We do not have to compromise, from our one-room studio to spacious four-room apartments with balconies everyone can find the ideal home for you. Our apartments also offer excellent opportunities for investors, since the location and the traffic features of the ingal are a long-term rental market for the utilization of apartments.

One-room apartments (32,6 m2 - 33,3 m2)

Our practical one-room studio apartments are suitable primarily for singles, commuters, university students or couples searching for their first home.

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Two-room apartments (49,1 m2 - 68,1 m2)

Our two-room apartments are a perfect choice for young couples looking for a home and singles who prefer larger living spaces.

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Three-room apartments (55 m2 - 83,6 m2)

The layout makes our three-room apartments an excellent choice for couples or families with one or two children.

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Four-room apartments (77,3 m2 - 79,7 m2)

Our four-room apartments can be ideal for families with more children because everyone feels comfortable in the spacious common rooms but has their own bedrooms and private space.

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