Comfortable home

in the heart of the city

Expected delivery date: End of September 2020


transport junction

Excellent shopping

in the garage


Location: Budapest, District VIII., Bacsó Béla u. 3.
Number of apartments: 19
Size of apartments: 32-99 m
Size of terraces: 2.7-31 m
Size of own gardens: 20-31 m
Number of parking lots: 16 (parking garage equipped with mechanical parking installation)
Estimated handover: 4th Quarter 2019
Investor: BB3 Property Kft.

Róth Residence is being constructed in the most dynamically developing district of the city, more precisely under 3 Bacsó Béla street that is located between the renewed Rákóczi square and the developing Blaha Lujza square. This modern eight-storey building offers a comfortable and pleasant home for anyone who loves living close to the vibe of the city but would not like to give up tranquillity and private space after a whole day of rush and bustle. The property’s location is excellent in terms of infrastructure as it is near a public transport hub and the downtown area is also within easy reach both by car, by means of public transportation or on foot. Lift, 24-hour reception service, mechanised parking system and garden – these are all installed for the sole purpose of enhancing residents’ comfort.